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Go To Line Keyboard Shortcut in Coda 2

December 5, 2012

The majority of my coding is done on a Mac using Coda 2. But every now and again I find myself on a Windows machine hacking away using Notepad++. I get so used to jumping to line numbers in Notepad++ using Ctrl+G, that it was becoming extremely frustrating hitting Cmd+G in Coda 2 to find […]

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Recreating the old Google Analytics Dashboard

November 13, 2012

Not that long ago Google updated their analytics offering which included lots of new reporting and dashboard functionality. However, this meant they removed the old dashboard report and broke the workflow of many companies who sent this report to their clients. To solve this issue we have created a custom dashboard to replace the old […]

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Fixing Custom Login Pages in WordPress 3.4

July 4, 2012

If your WordPress blog has a customised WordPress login page and you have noticed some visual issues with it after upgrading to WordPress 3.4 then read on. Is your logo sized incorrrectly? This is due to WordPress giving support to higher resolution displays ( and therefore requiring the use of the CSS property background-size in […]

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June 30, 2012

This week I started working with , helping to maintain and develop their awesome WordPress plugins and products like the and . Dev7studio is run by Gilbert Pellegrom who has built up a successful business around his plugins. I look forward to the future working with him. All of Polevaultweb’s plugins, especially Instagrate Pro, will […]

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Announcing Intagrate – Post your Instagram images to WordPress

June 6, 2012

After months of supporting and developing the free plugin Intagrate Lite (formerly Instagrate to WordPress) it became too much work and too time consuming to add all of the requested features and new additions. So in order to maintain the support and development of the plugin I have released a paid version called Intagrate (formerly […]

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Sniffing the WordPress Plugin API

March 17, 2012

During some recent troubleshooting of WordPress events being called in the plugin Instagrate to WordPress for a bug fix release, I came across a useful plugin on the WordPress repository built especially for plugin developers by Jeff Sayre – WordPress Hook Sniffer. Sniffer what? Like a network packet analyser (or sniffer), the WordPress Hook Sniffer […]

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Koder – Web Development App on iPad

February 17, 2012

After recently buying an iPad for some responsive website testing I started to look into good web development apps for quick changes to sites or development of new ones while on the move. Doing a google search for “best web development iPad apps” I came across Koder. Reading some of the previous reviews and checking […]

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Plugins and Support

February 17, 2012

So my first plugin has been out there in the WordPress wild for 5 weeks now and it’s been an exciting and challenging period. It’s been great to see and hear about the plugin being used. It is also brilliant to see my girlfriend use it on her blog, as the plugin was inspired by […]

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Instagrate to WordPress – a New WordPress plugin

January 5, 2012

We have just released a new plugin for the WordPress platform – Instagrate to WordPress. Twitter has it. Facebook has it. Flickr has it. Tumblr has it. Posterous has it. Foursquare has it. Now WordPress can have Instagram integration too! This plugin brings together the wonderful image sharing tool Instagram and your WordPress blog. No […]

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