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Plugins and Support

February 17, 2012 Uncategorized WordPress

So my first plugin has been out there in the WordPress wild for 5 weeks now and it’s been an exciting and challenging period. It’s been great to see and hear about the plugin being used. It is also brilliant to see my girlfriend use it on her blog, as the plugin was inspired by her need to integrate Instagram and WordPress in the simplest and quickest way.

Like any product released to the public it has had its bugs and issues. I think I underestimated its uptake and therefore was slightly unprepared for the amount of feedback and contact I had. In order to support the plugin better I have set up a support forum for primarily the Instagrate plugin, but later for other plugins that are released.

The forum is built using the bbPress plugin from the creators of WordPress. It also has been extended by the plugins bbPress WP Tweaks for sidebar goodness and bbPress New Topic Notifications for email notifications.

I look forward to developing the plugin further in response to many great feature requests. I also intend to develop and release other plugins, so keep an eye out.

Iain Building and growing WordPress products. I'm the product manager of ACF at WP Engine. I also develop plugins like WP User Manager and Intagrate. I write about the WordPress ecosystem over at WP Trends.