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Go To Line Keyboard Shortcut in Coda 2

December 5, 2012 Uncategorized

The majority of my coding is done on a Mac using Coda 2. But every now and again I find myself on a Windows machine hacking away using Notepad++.

I get so used to jumping to line numbers in Notepad++ using Ctrl+G, that it was becoming extremely frustrating hitting Cmd+G in Coda 2 to find nothing happening.

After putting out a late night tweet for help to Panic, the excellent company behind Coda 2, I was replied to by the helpful Marcus Nilsen with a simple and effective solution:

In System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Add a shortcut and select Coda 2 (or Coda) as the application. Then enter Go to Line… as the menu item. Enter you desired keyboard shortcut (e.g. CMD+G) and click Add. Then when you restart Coda the shortcut will be active.

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