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My Projects

Take a look at the projects I'm working on. They range from WordPress plugins, SaaS apps, WordPress related sites and a podcast.

WordPress Business Marketplace


Buy and Sell WordPress Businesses

FlipWP launched in June 2021 and is the first private acquisition marketplace for WordPress. Exclusive, no middlemen.

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WordPress Plugin

WP User Manager

The best WordPress membership plugin to connect, manage and build your online community.

I acquired WP User Manager in September 2019 and have been working hard to improve it and the addons, as well as increasing revenue ever since.

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WordPress Plugin


The most powerful WordPress plugin to create posts from your Instagram media

Intagrate is my original WordPress plugin. I released Intagrate Lite in January 2012 and the premium version 6 months later. It's taught me a lot about plugin development and running a plugin business.

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Ecommerce Platform


The easiest way to sell Your digital goods online

I started using Sellwire to sell Intagrate, and then became friends with Sellwire's original creator Gilbert Pellegrom. I later aquired it and have been using, running, developing it ever since.

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WordPress Site

WP Content

WordPress news and articles from and curated by the WordPress community.

After shut down in June 2020, Ashley Rich and I decided to start WP Content to take it's place. It's a valuable WordPress community resource where you can post articles and upvote others.

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Pressing Matters

Talking WordPress, about what matters most to WordPress developers & WordPress business owners

Jack McConnell and I started the Pressing Matters podcast in November 2018. We record an episode every fortnight and talk about our projects, running a WordPress plugin business, developments in WordPress, as well as doing the occasional interview.

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WordPress Site

WP App Store

Great deals on quality WordPress products, delivered to your inbox for free.

Originally started by Brad Touesnard as a WordPress plugin to allow installing premium plugins and themes right from the WordPress dashboard, I acquired it in 2014 after he pivoted it to a newsletter for WordPress deals. It's still running the newsletter as well as a growing WordPress blog.

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WP Trends

Business Intelligence for the WordPress Ecosystem

Monthly newsletter providing WordPress market insights, trends, and acquisition opportunities.

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Acquired Projects

Here are my projects that have been acquired.

WordPress Service

Plugin Rank

Track your plugin rankings in WordPress search results.

I started Plugin Rank in July 2020 because I wanted an easy way to keep an eye on the rankings of my plugins in WordPress search results.

Acquired by Awesome Motive, May 2021

Website & JS plugin

Delorean Ipsum

Back to the Future lorem ipsum generator

Delorean Ipsum was a project I started in 2013 as a Lorem Ipsum jQuery plugin based on the Back to the Future script.

Acquired by Satori Studio, July 2020