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Selecting Data from a Serialized Array in MySQL

February 5, 2020

Recently I needed to produce an export of some data from a client’s WordPress site. Unfortunately the data they needed was stored in the wp_postmeta table as a serialized array. Pro Tip: Want to make sure you migrate your WordPress databases without breaking serialized data? Check out WP Migrate DB Pro Of course, I could […]

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Workflow Automation for WP App Store

July 26, 2014

This is the second post in the series about WP App Store. The series aims to chart the progress of the project since purchase, from experiments in marketing to technical aspects of the site. In this post I will cover the improvements to the workflow around on-boarding and managing of deals. There are some aspects […]

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Developing for Ninja Forms

April 13, 2014

Last year I attended, and was a micro sponsor of, my first WordCamp – WordCamp London 2013. I expected to sit and listen to some great talks, but not really knowing anyone there I didn’t anticipate to chat to many people. Halfway through the morning I sat next to Kevin, a developer living in Liverpool, […]

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5 Ways to Synchronise WordPress Uploads Across Environments

March 21, 2014

When building WordPress sites for clients I generally try to use different environments for development, testing and deployment to live. This means that there are three areas of the site that need to be synchronised across environments; the code, the database and any media uploads for the site. Managing code deployments can be a smooth […]

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Building Useful WordPress Plugins

March 8, 2014

Although I have built many WordPress plugins in the last few years, the plugins that are popular, continually developed and endure are those that prove useful to me personally and for my professional development. Pippin Williamson is a plugin author extraordinaire and has written about the subject of plugins that scratch an itch, where he […]

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June 30, 2012

This week I started working with , helping to maintain and develop their awesome WordPress plugins and products like the and . Dev7studio is run by Gilbert Pellegrom who has built up a successful business around his plugins. I look forward to the future working with him. All of Polevaultweb’s plugins, especially Instagrate Pro, will […]

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Sniffing the WordPress Plugin API

March 17, 2012

During some recent troubleshooting of WordPress events being called in the plugin Instagrate to WordPress for a bug fix release, I came across a useful plugin on the WordPress repository built especially for plugin developers by Jeff Sayre – WordPress Hook Sniffer. Sniffer what? Like a network packet analyser (or sniffer), the WordPress Hook Sniffer […]

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Koder – Web Development App on iPad

February 17, 2012

After recently buying an iPad for some responsive website testing I started to look into good web development apps for quick changes to sites or development of new ones while on the move. Doing a google search for “best web development iPad apps” I came across Koder. Reading some of the previous reviews and checking […]

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