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Welcome WP App Store

April 29, 2014 Uncategorized WordPress

I am excited to announce the acquisition of WP App Store from Brad Touesnard.

WP App Store is an exclusive deal site and mailing list for WordPress plugins, themes and products, allowing you to get great deals in your inbox every two weeks. This is the second incarnation of WP App Store which started out as a marketplace built-into the WordPress dashboard. I remember following the progress of this venture and was sad to see it closed, but was impressed by Brad’s pivot to turn it into the mailing list.

Brad decided to sell WP App Store to concentrate on his company Delicious Brains and their flagship product, the must have plugin, WP Migrate DB Pro. If you are a developer building WordPress sites then you will understand the pain caused by migrating databases. WP Migrate DB Pro is the complete and painless solution, eliminating the manual work of migrating a WordPress database, you really should check it out!

I hope to build on Brad’s success and grow the mailing list, bringing more amazing deals for quality WordPress products. Whilst building up my own plugin business, centred around Instagrate Pro, I have been growing my marketing skills and believe that I can improve them further working on the WP App Store. I have also been building relationships with other developers in the commercial WordPress marketplace which I hope will help in bringing some great new deals to the site. This is a great opportunity for me to grow my business, expanding out from plugin development and I am excited to get started.

Check out the site and sign up to hear about the next deal, which I am hoping will be something truly awesome – watch this space!

If you are interested in getting your product in front of 2,200+ subscribers then send an email to with a link to your product and we can take it from there.

Iain Building and growing WordPress products. I'm the product manager of ACF at WP Engine. I also develop plugins like WP User Manager and Intagrate. I write about the WordPress ecosystem over at WP Trends.