Developing for Ninja Forms

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Last year I attended, and was a micro sponsor of, my first WordCamp – WordCamp London 2013. I expected to sit and listen to some great talks, but not really knowing anyone there I didn’t anticipate to chat to many people. Halfway through the morning I sat next to Kevin, a developer living in Liverpool,…

Using Trello For Everything

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Last week I read an extremely in depth article from Brian Casel about the logistics of growing customers for a SaaS business. What particularly intrigued me about Brian’s tips and techniques was the use of as his CRM (customer relationship manager). Trello is a project management tool that uses cards and boards to represent components…

Building Useful WordPress Plugins

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Although I have built many WordPress plugins in the last few years, the plugins that are popular, continually developed and endure are those that prove useful to me personally and for my professional development. Pippin Williamson is a plugin author extraordinaire and has written about the subject of plugins that scratch an itch, where he…

My Go-To WordPress Plugins

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The number of plugins available for WordPress is mind-blowing but the more WordPress sites I build there are some plugins that I keep coming back to. Here are my go-to plugins. Limit Login Attempts For any site security is paramount and WordPress sites are no different. Limit Login Attempts is a simple but extremely effective…

WordPress in Its Own Directory & Cookies

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I recently migrated all of my sites to a new and whilst migrating the WordPress sites I decided to move the WordPress core files into their own directory. This is great for an uncluttered site root directory but during one of my migrations I came across an issue with cookies. is the marketing site…

My Toolset

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I always enjoy reading posts about the tools and software people use for web development and design. Of course workflow and toolsets are always evolving but I feel in the past 12 months I have refined mine to a stage where I am happy to share them. And yes, there are some affiliate links below….

Why I Changed My Code Editor

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For as long as I have been developing with WordPress and PHP I have used a code editor that has had good FTP support for uploading files to my servers. Up until 2009 BM (Before Mac) I used NotePad++ which is a great, lightweight text editor with FTP functionality. When I purchased my MacBook Pro…

Setting default media attachment settings in WordPress

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If you are building WordPress sites for clients and want to make sure that, whenever they add images into post or page content, the images are not wrapped in links and are of a certain size, then this is for you. WordPress has a hidden options page which allows you to directly edit the options…

Announcing Cartogram, a Google Maps WordPress Plugin

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This plugin allows you to create unlimited Google Maps that you can place in your posts, pages or theme template files using a shortcode. You can then customise a map by adding unlimited locations to the map. Map Features Complete control of the map position by using an address, adding a marker or entering a…